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Forex Night Train – Make Money While You Sleep

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Forex Night Train – Make Money While You Sleep.You’re going to love the feeling you get
when you make money while you’re sleeping!Essentially risking only 10 pips for every 30-35 pip profit target.About 3 to 1 risk reward.This allow me to be right on 5 out of 10 trades and still make a solid return. Truth is most weeks I was closer to 70% accuracy, and you’ll see why when I tell you how I do it!Even if You Lose on 70% of Your
Trades You Still Make Money!

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Night Train trading system

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Full name of this product : “Night Train – The Forex strategy that makes you money while you’re sleeping!”

You can find original website:

Night Train– Forex system.

Have you ever wondered how to make an absolute killing trading the EUR/USD while you sleep? Hard to believe I know but it’s the truth, this trading system could give you everything to make money, while you sleep.

The creator of this amazing trading system is Mark Deaton.He is trader from 15 years and teaching traders from eight years. He has over 50,000 customers all over the globe. He is famous in YouTube with Bollinger Band videos. He love to trade and even more than that he love to show that making money with trading isn’t so difficult.

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The creator of “Night Train” systembelieves that you can make money when you focus on price action and swing structure on multiple time frames. This is real trading strategy showing you specific trading setups and allows you to project take profit levels. It can be done often times 3-5 days a week!

The most important part with this trading strategy is to make the risk and profit targets good for you.“Night Train” is not a robot nor get rich quick system, this trading system works with Fibonacci tool to calculate the risk reward. The developer of this trading system often trades 10 pm at night and risking only 10 pips for every 30-35 pip profit target.About 3 to 1 risk reward.

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This is a trading system for busy traders. You can do your analysis for only 10 minutes a night, just before bedtime. After that you must follow the 3 steps of the developer for confirmation of the trade direction and entering the trade, as the forecast for your profit target is based on Fibonacci extension levels and also you must learn the tricks of the developer.


In fact this trading system will help you to make easy profits while you sleep! At the end of every week you can be happy with your trading results, but it is not so easy. So, you will receive 6 videos with tutorials about how really work this system.

How To Make an Absolute Killing
Trading the EUR/USD While You Sleep!

If an extra $980 a week sounds pretty good about now,
and if the idea if making it happen automatically while you sleep perks
you up, read every word of this letter where I reveal a simple
2 step formula for doing just that…

Hard to believe I know but it’s the truth, and in a moment you’ll see why this new method of “Trading While You Sleep” is so powerful!

I’ve recently figured out how to put on trades before bedtime, then while in a deep slumber I’m cashing in, only to awaken to yet another $350 to $500+ in my account!

It can be done often times 3-5 days a week!

It’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen!

It’s a real simple strategy that grabs very specific setups right as they start, and allows you to project near perfect take profit levels to automatically get you out at the right time – while you sleep!

Anyone can do it, and it works like clockwork!

Your risk and profit targets are set automatically in advance, (using a very cool Fibonacci confluence tool) and your emotions are removed from the equation, because…
“Your sleeping!”
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Think about it, what a concept!

What better way to keep you from making all those mistakes!

REMEMBER: Its you who screws up good trades most the time, and when you’re sleeping and your risk and profit targets are set in advance, you can’t screw up good trades any longer!

Now instead of screwing up perfectly good trades, your fast asleep so your trades can do what they do best – MAKE YOU MONEY!

And the best part?

At the end of every week You
Can Average an Extra $987 Bucks
Like I Do!

And this method I developed to take advantage of these moves while I’m asleep are absolute, they work because we focus on just two things, risk and reward. (And some very unique tools of the trade!)

So powerful is this method for grabbing profits in your sleep that I’ve since made subtle adjustments to all my trading to apply this same kind of approach.

Because my trades are better off without me messing with them.  Only on rare occasion would my attention to the trade had me see a better outcome.

So, how is it possible to trade Forex in your sleep?

In a minute you’ll not only discover that its possible but actually that its more favorable for so many reasons.

In order for you to really appreciate this, we need to talk about the Forex Markets in general terms for a second.

The currency market is the most liquid market in the word,
there’s more volume and liquidity than all US Markets combined.

It trades 24 hours a day 6 days a week and there are more professional traders who make their living off of Forex than any other instrument on the planet.

It’s the most ideal home based business you could get involved in to make extra money. (And its scale-able!)

Problem is, most of the good action takes place while you’re sleeping. (or at least at the most inopportune times of the day!)

** Now, even if you live in a part of the world where this isn’t the case and you can trade during regular hours, this is still for you because surely you’d rather not stare at a computer all day right?

Especially since the very act of doing so (staring at a computer all day) is the root cause of making bad trading decisions!

How My Frustration Led Me To This Discovery

I love trading Forex, but the best times to trade for me are when I’m doing my most favorite things in the world…

Sleeping or working out at my local Gym!

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So I miss all the big trades!

I’ve often entered trades right as the kids are getting into bed at around 9-10 pm at night, simply because this is when I see the EUR/USD begin to move.

Then as price starts moving in my favor its starting to get late, I have to exit simply because I’m tired!

Heck I’m typically in bed at 9pm when the kids go into bed anyways, so 11 or 12 midnight – is a stretch for this guy!

It’s frustrating to close a trade that’s doing what you want it too early because your beat!

But sleep calls to me!

My frustration is compounded even more the next day when I see the 12 pips I took could have easily been 35 to 40 pips most days!

More times than not I would wake up the next morning and see these enormous moves I missed while fast asleep.

It was so frustrating and it happened all the time!

I was spot on with my analysis most days, but missed out due to the fact that I had to go to bed!

This got me to thinking…

What if There Was a Way For Me To Enter These Trades and Set My Risk and Profit Targets in Advance ?

What a concept!

I started playing around with it at first using a daily chart and a 15 min. chart on the EUR/USD.

My first week I did 4 trades and I was only right on two of them.

I didn’t make any money but I did make some observations that I felt could improve my accuracy. (And help me develop a risk profile that would work even with 50% accuracy!)

Kind of hit or miss at first.

So the next week I did 5 trades and I was right on 3 of them!

I would put on trades between 9pm and 1:00am and set a profit target market exit order and set a stop loss and then I’d go to bed.

It was exciting making money while fast asleep.

You’re going to love the feeling you get
when you make money while you’re sleeping!

It’s a wonderful feeling.

You almost feel as if you know something no one else knows!

You feel empowered, energized. Its truly amazing!

My wife and I would giggle at night as we laid in bed because we knew with reasonable certainty that we would wake up $300 to $500 richer.

It’s not a lot but in this day and age that’s a respectable amount of extra cash especially considering we did it in our sleep!

And get this… If we didn’t make money we only lost $100 to $110 on most bad trades (This risk reward formula is one reason why this works as you’ll see below!)

After several weeks of moderate success I realized that I needed to set my risk profile so that even if I was only right 50% of the time I would still make money.

Because some months I was only 50% accurate.

So that’s what I did.

Essentially risking only 10 pips for every 30-35 pip profit target.

About 3 to 1 risk reward.

This allow me to be right on 5 out of 10 trades and still make a solid return. Truth is most weeks I was closer to 70% accuracy, and you’ll see why when I tell you how I do it!

Here’s the thing, you can do this with a mini account, or with a regular account it doesn’t matter what your account size.

And as I said, I’ve built in a risk model that ensures your success even if your only right half the time!

Don’t worry I’ll show you how to be right more than half the time, but the risk profile we employ will be one that provides a profit even when we can only hit a 50% success ratio.

In fact even with a mini account and 50% accuracy I can still make $600 a week!

Are You Skeptical Yet?

Hopefully by now you’re skeptical as hell, as you should be.

I know when I shared this with my top Forex trading friends they thought I was nuts, but as I said in the beginning…

There Skepticism Turned To Wonder When They Saw My Results!

Why This “While You Sleep” system works like gangbusters…

Fortunately using swing structure on a daily chart and a 5 or 15 minute chart you can get a good feel for where price is going next.

Add the hourly chart and you truly have a set of navigational tools that provide solid setups!

Then when your breakout markers hit (that usually transpire between 9pm and 11pm my time MST) and with what I call Fibonacci extension confluence, you can pinpoint extreme high probability price targets like a wizard.

Its literally shocking!

In fact, I crack up because using Fibonacci confluence I can pinpoint a price target so perfectly that price hits it, stops me out with a killer profit and fades back just as planned!

Almost as if I had some inside information!

Take a look at 2 trades from this week alone. (2 Consecutive Trading Days!)

Forex Outlet Shop - NightTrain – Make Money While You Sleep 5Forex Outlet Shop - NightTrain – Make Money While You Sleep 6

Now I can’t reveal every reason why we chose to enter these right here in public view, but I can show you the trades so you can see proof that this works.

Again these are 2 successful trades from this week alone.

The Key to Making This Work is
to Be Able to Forecast a Profit Target
ACCURATELY, and To Maintain A
Risk to Reward Ratio That
Favors The Method!

AND to grab as much profit as possible without risking the reversal that typically follows the impulse move.

Its like taking candy from a baby!

Simple math, a close look at average true range and your 161.8% through your 423.6% extension are your golden ticket here!

When price breaks out, I can pinpoint my exit with such accuracy its hard to believe.

I gauge which extension I will use by the average true range that can be expected and which Fibonacci extension it lines up with.

The results are remarkable.

This is as close as you’ll ever get to printing free money.

Keep in mind, for the purposes of keeping this simple I’m only talking about the EUR/USD its easy and its how I started but there’s much more you can trade.

AND if you have pairs that are active during your awake hours you can still use this method with such exactness and accuracy that you will want to use it even if you are awake.

It allows you more freedom while improving your accuracy!

  • Why screw up a good trade by letting your emotions get in the way right?
  • Why screw up a good trade by second guessing yourself?
  • Why let your lack of confidence interfere with a well planned impulse move!

Introducing “Night train!”

The Forex strategy that makes you money while you’re sleeping!

  • No its not a robot (they don’t work!)
  • No it’s not a push button get rich system!(Those are scams!)
  • No its not a get rich quick (Run from those!)

This is a real system that uses sound technical analysis and technical confluence from  3 time frames, to asses’ direction and projects a profit target with a managed risk/reward ratio.

In fact…

Even if You Lose on 70% of Your
Trades You Still Make Money!

Its happened to me before, it will happen to you that’s why I’ve built in a risk profile that allows for this.

You’ll hit streaks where you miss a bunch but have no fear because most weeks if you follow the steps you do better than 50%, and that puts you in a very favorable situation.

Imagine Making Money While You Sleep!

I just get such a  kick out of making money while I sleep, I think you’re going to get a kick out of it too!

By now you might be wondering if you can pull this off.

Maybe you’re a new trader, maybe you have failed at so many other trading opportunities.

Maybe you’ve thrown the towel in more than 1 time.

I’m here to tell you, I don’t care who you are, where you come from, how much money you have to start with, you can do this.

Anyone can do this!

This is specifically designed for people who work full time, or have a business to run.

Maybe your taking care of a family and most days your busy.

This is a system for busy people.

For the EUR/USD, right before bedtime you just do your analysis, it takes about 10 minutes a night.

Then you follow my 3 step system for confirming trade direction and entering the trade.

Next you forecast your profit target based on Fibonacci extension levels (3 of them) and you follow a little set of rules to pick just the right one.

Just Two or 3 Trades A Week
Can Provide $900+ In Your Pocket!

This works because we get a good idea about direction from 2 important time frames, then we wait for the breakout to occur (there’s two kinds) we enter our trade set our tight stop loss and pick one of 3 profit targets depending on a couple of things I’ll show you inside.

This all happens for me around 11 to 12pm my time, now depending where you are in the world this may be different.

Bottom line is, whether you are sleeping or golfing, or out with the family there is nothing like the feeling of locking in profits automatically without being present!

You’re going to be shocked at how easy this is.

Imagine going to bed tonight and before you wake up you have locked in $300 to $500 on a single trade!

As you’re sipping on coffee you take a peek at your account and you’re $300 to $500 richer!

What if you could do this 3 days a week – THATS $900 to $1500 extra dollars in your pocket a week!

What if traded more to start with? (Consider trading at $20 a PIP instead of just $10.)

Take a look video about “Forex Night Train” below :

Here’s What You Get!

WARNING: I want to be honest with you and tell you this isn’t easy peasy.

You have to learn a few tricks, some of these tricks will come easy some will take a little practice – don’t think you’re going to make an extra $987+ a week the next day.

I need you to commit and focus and give yourself at least two weeks time to get comfortable.

I will cover every step in great detail with the following…

My comprehensive 34 page manual with detailed illustrations showing everything

6 Video Modules will come out 2 per week titled…

Module 1 – Setting Up Your Charts for Guaranteed Success!

Module 2 – Fibonacci Complete – The Easy Way to Use This Powerhouse!

Module 3 – Time Frame Mastery – How to Navigate Time Frames for Ultimate Accuracy!

Module 4 – Forex Fundamentals The Stuff You Must Know – Nothing More!

Module 5 – Setting Stop Losses and Profit Targets – The magic Formula!

Module 6 – Live Trades (Ongoing)

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Features Product details
Compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+ Platform: MetaTrader 4
ECN Support Language: English
Perfected For Multiple Pairs Time Frames: System works with every MT4 TF
Works With Any MT4 Trading Brokerage Trading Time: Any time | Recommended London and New York sessions
Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts Currency pairs: Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
No Trading Experience Required Purchase includes: Indicators | Templates
US Brokers | Non-US Brokers Trading Accounts: Unlimited
No Trading Account Limitations License: Unlimited
Popup Alerts Indicators (Unlimited)
No Minimum Leverage Required
* instant delivery (email inbox/account dashboard)


I want to repeat that the system is very effective. It will definitely help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are.

Fast delivery within 24 hours

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no returns accepted for any reason

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