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Sharp Shooter EA V3.0(Original)

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Sharp Shooter EA V3.0-By using this special EA after execution become more precise and full automatic, so they can suppress the “greedy” and “hope” factors

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The SharpShooter EA (Based on News Strategy)

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News trading strategy is the other way and method that is inversely proportional to the concept of trading in general, where traders only utilize the initial spike of news effects that we have sorted based on their probability level. By implementing measurable and very strict financial management to provide the maximum reward level with the risk reward ratio that we have calculated. By using this special EA / robot, lot calculation, strength points/risk per trade and countermeasures after execution become more precise and full automatic, so they can suppress the “greedy” and “hope” factors which have been the main illnesses of traders. “THIS IS WHY SHOULD TRADE ON NEWS”

Sharp Shooter EA 3.0 2

Starting balance divided by 20 or 10 per trade / news, so even if it fails (MC), we only lose 5-10% of the capital or adjust to your own risk.
Therefore we recommend trade only according to the risk (risk that you are ready to bear)
Once loss (MC) only 5-10% or according to your risk of total capital overall, but once successful and profit can reach hundreds of percent ( our largestrecord on the 16th of October 2017 profit reached 2100% once trade and in 2minutes only, in May 2019 the largest 810% and 700% in August and September)
Historically, the month of May 2019 alone from a total of 10x trade, 7x profit and 3x loss (accuracy 70%)
Entry is only in news high impact that has the potential to give a greater reward only (not just red if referring to forexfactory), only about 7-10x trade per month, so the trade time is very measurable.
We refer to as a reference.
4. psychology
When money management, risk management and time management have been implemented appropriately, the last problem is entry timing.
Because trading news like this requires speed in milliseconds, so we built a system using EA (expert advisor) and we have tested since the end of 2016, and we submit entry and close using this program, nothing but to eliminate the elements “fear”, “greedy” and “hope”
5. consistency
We focus on this trade news strategy since 2016 and have never traded using styles, methods, techniques and trading strategies other than trading news.

One indicator that is considered to be a parameter of success and health of trading is to use “lots as wisely as possible” but sometimes we still choose higher leverage that allows us to enter with excessive lots. Not to mention in practice we sometimes rarely use SL, shift SL or add position.
Why not from the beginning just “use leverage as minimally as possible” which in fact does not allow for entry overlot or over trade (averaging, bombing or marti).
The problem is “I want to bomb it using highest lotsize ”

There is a solution…
Calculate in advance what percentage of risk you are ready to bear once the entry of your total capital. Then do a deposit or worth the risk.
Example: we can deposit $ 100 with risk every positions is 5% of the capital, meaning we plan every time hit stop losses or cutloss about $5. Then deposit only $5. After that select the highest leverage and entry with maximum lot.
What if the loss?
Anyway we’ve prepared that $5 as the maximum risk.
But if it’s profit?
The reward can be very maximum
Technical countermeasures after entry or analysis of the entry how?
Please explore, because we believe,you better understand & master the technique & metode according to each style.
This method is what we can use in “News Trading”
“The SharpShooter EA” is not a magic tool to make a profit of the amount in the shortest time.
This EA is only limited to tools ,which is nothing more than a waste if we as traders do not understand how to use it and do not understand the basic concept of its allocation

But this EA will be very valuable, deadly and give maximum results if we as gun holders know and understand the character, philosophy behind its manufacture, the basis and reason for its creation and identify the target that must be shot.
As per our slogan, “there is no need to scatter a lot of bullets (and time) if you only want to conquer one enemy”
Which means, we no longer need to spend time just to wait for the moment to enter, how big and many bullets (lotsize)that we have to prepare and how long we have to wait for the enemy to fall (closed order).
“One Shoot, One Killed”

Stages of Trade News
It should be understood that trades at the time of news release are the riskiest trades, given that spread widening, slippage and off quotes often occur in almost all brokers. Therefore, some things should be very considered, among others:
1. Risk level
Make sure to only use a balance equal to the maximum risk you can apply in the trade manual.
Forexample, if in normal trade you limit the risk to 3% per trade whether it is stop losses or cutloss when misguided, then in trade news we only make a deposit of 3% of the total capital. This means that when you prepare a trading capital of about $1000 then when the news trade only deposits about $30 only.
This means that when misguided and up to auto cut / MC then we only lose 3% of the overall capital.
2. Reward
Because we trade in times of big movements then as much as possible the potential reward should be maximized. The way we enter the market when the price freezes ahead of the news by using the maximum lot (full margin).
3. Broker selection and leverage
Because we trade using the maximum margin, then the calculation of lotsize that we will use should be maximal, this can only be done if we use the highest leverage.
For several years we use a broker with a leverage of 1:3000.
4. Lotsize Calculation & Leverage Comparison
If we use normal leverage, e.g. 1:500
Can we enter with the total margin used to reach 40% of our balance (risk per trade)
Example balance per trade is $10 and each time we use a margin of 40% or $4 only
How many lots should we prepare?
Leverage 1:500
The calculation is
Margin used : (1: leverage x contract size) = lotsize
$4 : ( 1:500 x 100000) = 0.02
News move 20pips or 200points
Lot x points = gain
0.02 x 200 =$4
Or 40% of the capital / risk per trade
Leverage 1:3000
The calculation is
Margin used : (1: leverage x contract size) = lotsize
$4 : (1:3000 x 1000000) = 0.12

News move 20pips or 200points
Lot x points = gain
0.12 x 200 = $24
Or 240% of capital/risk per trade
For us it would be a brave loss to potentially lose $10 in order to get a profit of only $4 (4%)
Compared to daring to lose $10 to get $24 (240%)
5. Analysis of news direction
News can be analyzed both fundamentally and technically and we believe you are well aware of how to read fundamental data and combined with technical.
We can use analysis based on SnR, SnD and BBMA Oma Ally as a whole, but whatever the basic analysis as long as we consistently use it both in normal trades and in news, the results will always be satisfactory because especially in this news trading strategy the main factor that determines the most is the probability and healthy risk ratio.
6. Tool selection
There are many EAs and scripts scattered in various forums both paid and free, please choose according to your comfort and needs. Our advice is not to use a pending order strategy when the news release, this strategy may work in 3-4 years ago, but in the current market conditions with frequent widening of very significant spreads, slippage and off quote result in pending orders will be executed far from expectations (kicked).
7. Secure position
When the market moves in the direction of our position and the position that occurs is profitable, immediately secure the position by using trailing, BEP, SL+ or direct instant cut. Do not let the profit position that is running turned into minus or even result in autocut/MC. Because it will not be a tone that knows the movement of the news in a fraction of a second then can immediately turn around.
8. You can see the practice of how we trade when news using The SharpShhoter EA at:
Telegram channel
YouTube Channel :


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Features Product details
Compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+ Platform: MetaTrader 4
ECN Support Language: English
Perfected For Multiple Pairs Time Frames: System works with every MT4 TF
Works With Any MT4 Trading Brokerage Trading Time: Any time | Recommended London and New York sessions
Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts Currency pairs: Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
No Trading Experience Required Purchase includes: Indicators | Templates
US Brokers | Non-US Brokers Trading Accounts: Unlimited
No Trading Account Limitations License: Unlimited
Popup Alerts Indicators (Unlimited)
No Minimum Leverage Required
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