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Heir Wolf-TF indicator

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Heir Wolf-TF indicator-Accurate and verified signals allow you to actively trade on both higher and lower timeframes. The latter is especially true for overclocking a small deposit.


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Content: 2 indicators ex4

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Take a look video below:

Heir Wolf TF does not redraw signals!

   The Heir Wolf-TF indicator is a unique tool that allows you to visually quickly determine the current state of the market and show a change in the direction of trading, indicating the exact place to enter the position in the most visual form.

To determine the best entry point, the indicator uses three independent analytical algorithms with normalization of the dynamic price channel.

Whatever your level of familiarity with FOREX is now, my tool will come in handy for almost every trader.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 2

Accurate and verified signals allow you to actively trade on both higher and lower timeframes. The latter is especially true for overclocking a small deposit.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 3

With a medium-term trading style, holding a position for up to several days, it is preferable to look at the signals on the M30 timeframe. The signals will be less frequent, but the income from one transaction will be large.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 4

So why sell the golden chicken?

  First, I will answer an important question that you are sure to have – “If the indicator is so good, then what is the point of selling the golden chicken?”

And first I want to say that I always trade with my indicators, first of all, myself. I write them for myself.

So why am I still selling?

The fact is that the indicators, after their sale, work just as well as before they were sold!

   At the beginning of the last century, Henry Ford assembled and sold his first car.

Imagine that he would not continue to produce cars and sell them, but would decide to somehow make money on it himself.

Would he then become one of the richest and most influential people of his time? I think the answer is obvious.

It is important that he became such not because he sold his bad cars to someone, but quite the opposite – his cars were of high quality, therefore competitive and in demand. And they remain so to this day.

Constantly being in a highly competitive environment provides me with ideal opportunities for my professional growth.

   I actively run my own Forex trading and develop programs to facilitate and optimize my trading.

I like to find market inefficiencies and formalize them into a series of logical rules.

Then shift this task to the program so that it automatically tracks these inefficiencies.

If everything works out, then it saves a lot of time, effort and nerves. And trading becomes more productive, profitable and comfortable.

What has now become obvious to me will surely be noticed by someone else. It’s only a matter of time and who will show you such a solution first.

Selling my indicators, I get paid for my intellectual work. It’s nice and motivating.

Then, I always have feedback from their users. And this, in turn, allows me to develop myself and improve my competencies.

This is also a good motive. He keeps me in good shape and does not allow me to become uncompetitive in the market, and therefore in my trade.

In 2013, I sold my first indicator that was linked to a trading account. Until now, I receive letters from my buyers asking me to update the keys to the indicator, due to a change in the account number.

And I send these keys. I send it because I once promised to update the keys and people believed me.

For me it is not hard, but a great recognition of my work. And this inspires me a lot.

Here is another motive for you – this is recognition.

Heir Wolf TF

My indicator uses the price channel normalization algorithm, which gives a clear understanding of the current market dynamics and the upcoming price movement direction.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 5

Why do you need this particular indicator?


Heir Wolf-TF is a bundle consisting of three author’s (my) programs. Each program has its own unique algorithm for analyzing the market and determining the entry point to a trade. Triple signal confirmation, plus an additional filter.


Thanks to precisely calculated entry points, you will squeeze the most out of the market. And error-free signals will provide high profitability even on a small deposit.


I filled my indicator program in such a way that there was no need to install additional tools for market analysis. Nothing else is needed to make decisions. The signals are clear and understandable.


If you are familiar with the MT4 terminal, this is half the battle. You get the rest of the information to start profitable trading with my indicator. No rassusolivaniya, only the schedule and my explanations on the signals. I sewed all the complex formulas into the indicator, you can’t see them, and it’s useless.


At the moment when the indicator determines the best point to start trading, it will automatically give a sound alert, send a Push notification to a mobile device or an email notification. Not a single signal will pass by.


The graphics of the indicator and its signals are designed in such a way that they are visually easy, understandable and comfortable to perceive. Thanks to this, there is no psychological discomfort during trading, there is no fear of approaching the monitor.


No throwing between timeframes. No searching for signal confirmations on higher timeframes. All this fuss is just confusing. I made it so that everything is very clearly visible on the work schedule. This approach increases the productivity of trading.


If you already have trading experience, then you will understand my indicator with half a turn. It will be like a reference book for you. And the clarity and unambiguity of the interpretation of Heir Wolf-TF signals will reduce the waiting time for your first profit – from the moment the indicator is installed on your terminal to its first signal.

Heir Wolf-TF

The Heir Wolf-TF indicator is a tool that allows you to quickly determine the change in the market phase and visually draw it on the chart, indicating the entry point to the position.

And the simultaneous synchronous operation of three independent indicator algorithms confirms the reliability of entry points, which provides the highest chances of successfully closing deals.

To have such an indicator in service means to be ready for all the realities of the Forex market.

No matter what your experience in trading, you will immediately appreciate the high productivity of the indicator both for intraday trading and in the short and long term.

Heir Wolf-TF is the optimal work on any timeframe.

The display of the price channel chart style can be changed from normalized to classic as desired.

Examples below with classic channel display:

  The blue “ladder” is a dynamic support channel for the higher timeframe. In this example, it is better to open long positions, that is, to buy.

But if there are good selling entry points, why not sell?

Good entry points are when the arrow signal is within the horizontal level defined by another program

Red level – sells, green – buys. Accordingly, the red arrow is at the red level, this is a confirmed signal for sales, green arrows are for purchases.

There is one more confirmation of the signal – this is a filter. It is not visible on the chart, but it does its job, it is enabled in the indicator settings.

Heir Wolf-TF
Heir Wolf-TF indicator 6
In the example below, a fifteen-minute GBPCAD chart. The weakening resistance of the older TF (gray) turns into a growing support (blue ladder). The included filter gives signals only to buy. The best first sign. He is also the fattest in terms of profit.
Heir Wolf-TF indicator 7

Indicator operation on lower timeframes

On the lower TFs, the signals have the same configuration. The same impulse and wave movements. The same trend and lateral movements. Everything is the same as the older ones. Only the price movement is smaller, the lower the timeframe.

In the example below, a five-minute timeframe. Here, it is clearly seen from the descending steps that the resistance of the older TF is gaining strength, which means that trading is only down, for sales.

The enabled filter does not show upward signals, against the resistance of the older TF.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 8

Below is the minute chart of gold – XAUUSD. For a trading session on such a chart, you can get 10-15 good trading signals. It’s better not to come up with a better way to overclock a deposit.

In the example below, the price is above the support channel of the older time frame. So you need to open long positions. The filter filters out sell signals.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 9

Below, for comparison, trading on the same gold and on the same timeframe, only the indicator with a normalized price channel. The signals are clear and unambiguous. You don’t need to think of anything.

The indicator accurately shows the signals to enter the period of market consolidation before the start of a powerful price movement.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 10

Below is a continuation of the previous chart on the same day.

In the course of the developing trend, Heir Wolf-TF gives good additional signals for reloading positions.

Let’s get the most out of the market.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 11

Validated entry points make trading easier

The absence of double interpretations of signals removes the fear of trading, which significantly shortens the learning period for profitable trading. And this is the shortest and surest way to achieve your goal.


The basic rules for working with Heir Wolf-TF are extremely simple and boil down to the following:

a buy deal is opened when a green arrow appears within the green GI;

a sell trade is opened when a red arrow appears within the red GI.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 12

You can show many examples, only the signals will be similar.

The most important advantage in the Heir Wolf-TF indicator is high-quality and understandable signals.

Heir Wolf-TF indicator 13

Benefits of the Heir Wolf-TF Indicator



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Features Product details
Compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+ Platform: MetaTrader 4
ECN Support Language: English
Perfected For Multiple Pairs Time Frames: System works with every MT4 TF
Works With Any MT4 Trading Brokerage Trading Time: Any time | Recommended London and New York sessions
Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts Currency pairs: Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
No Trading Experience Required Purchase includes: Indicators | Templates
US Brokers | Non-US Brokers Trading Accounts: Unlimited
No Trading Account Limitations License: Unlimited
Popup Alerts Indicators (Unlimited)
No Minimum Leverage Required
* instant delivery (email inbox/account dashboard)


I want to repeat that the system is very effective. It will definitely help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are.

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