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DynoBars Pro-Best tool”Ever”,Nr.1 for Ninja Trader 8,with TBARS, TrendLines & guides

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NinjaTrader8 best indicator tool “Ever”,Nr.1 for Ninja8 Platforms.The Dynobars Pro is a highly respected professional trading product.Do you know what is the Holy Grail of trading? It is the ability to capture the START of a
new trend in either direction (uptrend or downtrend).Our DynoTrendlines not only capture the START of a potential new Trend…but also allows you to stay
in the Trend for the entire duration (also known as “Milking the Trend for every last tick”).

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The installation is smooth & easy with the Dyno Bars Install Instructions.pdf that you can get from us only. I GUARANTEE that if you follow the instructions, you will be able to set up your charts even if you are a NinjaTrader newbie.

EXCITING NEWS: Now I have the HIGHLY-requested DYNOBARS PRO with TBARS, auto-trendlines & NEW EASY TO INSTALL guides. Dynobars run on NinjaTraders. If you are unfamiliar with NT8, no worries, my friend even created an easy to use step-by-step guide that will help you with the installation even if you are a complete newbie. You can only get this from me here. And of course you can keep trading on MT4 even if you do your charting on NT8.

The Dynobars Pro is a highly respected professional trading product. The original price is $1,497 + $997 year (!), however from me you can get the complete PRO bundle with the TBars, auto-trendlines, original manuals + my friend’s easy to install step by step guide for a one-time $248.95.

You really don’t want to miss this product!

DynoBars – Reveal the Master Trend

Description: DynoBars is an intensely custom Bar Type that filters out noise and removes price distortions that are occurring in your market.

It takes your existing LIVE Chart Data, runs a proprietary algorithmic code cycle, and then re-displays your Chart Data with organized and clean data. See below for head-to-head comparisons.

What Is DynoBars? Reveal The Master Trend


Check out the before and after. There is an obvious difference. One of these charts is cluttered and confusing and makes no sense whatsoever. The other chart is organized, attractive, easy to read. Which of these 2 charts would you rather trade?

After 20 years of trading Markets and seeing how institutions trade, we’ve reached one conclusion: Trend Trading WORKS.

While 95% of traders have their heads up their ass and are totally clueless about trading…a select group of traders are quietly running software and consistently nailing highs and lows in the market. In many ways Trend Trending can be considered the “Holy Grail” of trading.

DynoTrendlines – The Holy Grail of Trading

Description: Do you know what is the Holy Grail of trading? It is the ability to capture the START of a
new trend in either direction (uptrend or downtrend).

Our DynoTrendlines not only capture the START of a potential new Trend…but also allows you to stay
in the Trend for the entire duration (also known as “Milking the Trend for every last tick”).

Proper stops are clearly suggested so that there is no subjectivity on where to place your stops.

A must have for every professional trader.

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DynoBars Pro for NinjaTraders, complete with “TBARS” and “Automated Trend Lines Indicator“

Original website: google dynotrading dynobars

Original Price: $1,497 + $997/year (!)

Your price: $248.95 One time Fee! (Unlimited Ninja Trader Accounts)

Content: Indicators: DynoBars Pro.cs, DynoBars Pro.dll, NT8_TBars.dll, NT8_Automated Trendlines_v2.dll (Unlocked), User Guides: DynoBarsinstructions.rtf, DynoBars Training_Instructions.rtf, Automated TrendLines_For_TBars_Instructions.rtf + Dyno Bars Install Instructions.pdf, TBars Trading.mp4

NOTE: Zero support!This product is for Ninja Trader8 platform only!

Forex Outlet Shop - Customer Satisfaction GuaranteedForex Outlet Shop - Money Back Guarantee

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED (for corrupted or defected files) OR
  • AS A SITE OF TRUST WE GIVE YOU A DOUBLE CHARACTER REPLACEMENT (we give you a 2 “high rated” items if you get (corrupted or defected files)

Features Product details
ECN Support Platform: NinjaTrader 8
Perfected For Multiple Pairs Language: English

Unlimited Licenses For All Your Accounts

Time Frames: System works with every TF

No Trading Experience Required

Trading Time: Any time | Recommended London and New York sessions
No Trading Account Limitations Currency pairs: Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes

No Minimum Leverage Required

Indicators (Unlimited)
US Brokers | Non-US Brokers Trading Accounts: Unlimited
Popup Alerts License: Unlimited
Package include: System  Indicators and template in a zip folder

Delivery: Instant delivery (email inbox/account dashboard)


I want to repeat that the system is very effective. It will definitely help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are.

Fast delivery within 24 hours

I’m reseller of unlocking digital good’s

I’m not a trader

All indicator’s,FX strategies and EA’s are working and unlocked for use

Please note: I do not give refunds based on the performance of the product. There are many factors that can affect the performance and results of the product such as brokers, internet connection and the experience of the user. You are receiving a working product that has been tested and all sales are final.

no returns accepted for any reason

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