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EA ANTIVIRUS v2.0-New Forex Robot

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EA Antivirus
I am glad to welcome you on the page of my product – I am its author Vasily Strukov.

EA Antivirus is a conceptually new automated trading advisor using a scalping strategy.

The trading system is multicurrency and is able to trade on many pairs. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners.

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Content: Expert: EA Antivirus Unlimited.ex4, How to install MT4 files.pdf

EA Antivirus uses pending orders on the broker’s server, which initially reduces the risk through delays and slippage.

EA need broker with low spread and VPS with small ping.


  • Choosing strategy – choosing a trading strategy.
  • Open new series – on / off beginning of a new series of orders.
  • Start lots – start lot.
  • Trade Buy – allow the adviser to buy.
  • Trade Sell – allow the adviser to sell.
  • Use hedge – allow the adviser to trade both direction buy and sell. If off only one trade direction.
  • Use Money Management – on/ off use of automatic lot calculation.
  • Auto-lot. Free margin for each 0.01 lot – the amount of free margin for opening every 0.01 lots.
  • Lot multiplier – lot multiplier for the following orders.
  • TP take profit, in pips.
  • SL: stop loss, in pips from the first order.
  • Trail Start – activation of a trailing stop.
  • Trail Step – distance from the price when activating a trailing stop.
  • DD Reduction Algorithm – drawdown reduction algorithm it when last order with profit will be close with first order series with loss.
  • Number order for DD Reduction Algorithm – from which order the drawdown reduction algorithm is activated.
  • Percent profit for DD Reduction Algorithm – percentage of profit when closing orders in the drawdown reduction mode.
  • Magic – is a special number that the EA assigns to its orders.
  • Fix distance – fixed distance between orders
  • Order dynamic distance – from which order will the dynamic distance be applied in order.
  • Dynamic distance start – the starting value for the dynamic distance.
  • Distance multiplier – the dynamic distance multiplier.
  • Start, End hour – time for opening the first order.
  • Maximum Lot – maximum lot.
  • Maximum spread – the maximum spread for the adviser.

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Forex Outlet Shop - Customer Satisfaction GuaranteedForex Outlet Shop - Money Back Guarantee

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED (for corrupted or defected files) OR
  • AS A SITE OF TRUST WE GIVE YOU A DOUBLE CHARACTER REPLACEMENT (we give you a 2 “high rated” items if you get (corrupted or defected files)

Original price: $199-$499

Content: Expert: EA Antivirus Unlimited.ex4, How to install MT4 files.pdf

Features Product details
Compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+ Platform: MetaTrader 4
ECN Support Language: English
Perfected For Multiple Pairs Time Frames: System works with every MT4 TF
Works With Any MT4 Trading Brokerage Trading Time: Any time | Recommended London and New York sessions
Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts Currency pairs: Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
No Trading Experience Required Purchase includes: Indicators | Templates
US Brokers | Non-US Brokers Trading Accounts: Unlimited
No Trading Account Limitations License: Unlimited
Popup Alerts Indicators (Unlimited)
No Minimum Leverage Required
* Due to reviews of

Delivery: Instant delivery (email inbox/account dashboard)


I want to repeat that the system is very effective. It will definitely help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are.

Package include: System  Indicators and template in a zip folder

Fast delivery within 24 hours

I’m reseller of unlocking digital good’s

I’m not a trader

All indicator’s,FX strategies and EA’s are working and unlocked for use

Please note: I do not give refunds based on the performance of the product. There are many factors that can affect the performance and results of the product such as brokers, internet connection and the experience of the user. You are receiving a working product that has been tested and all sales are final.

no returns accepted for any reason

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