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FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets(ORIGINAL)

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FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets-Pass your prop firm challenge with our trading bot for MT4! Works with all prop firms, comes with fully customizable risk settings and doesn’t use risky strategies.

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Content: EXPERT EX4 UNLOCKED /7 presets/Guide


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Pass your prop firm challenge with our trading bot for MT4! Works with all prop firms, comes with fully customizable risk settings and doesn’t use risky strategies.

FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets 2FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets 3

Max Drawdown 3,57%

Avg. Monthly Profit 15%

Passing Rate 96,2%


According to FTMO, only 10% of people who try their challenges actually pass them. We know how hard it is to pass prop firm challenges. The odds are not in your favor and the rules make it very hard for most traders to make any progress. That’s why we specifically designed an automated trading system (EA) to pass your challenge so you can relax and watch it do its job. Once purchased you can use the trading bot for as many challenges as you wish and you can even let it trade on your funded account for passive income!

Are you feeling discouraged by a previous prop firm challenge failure or intimidated by the high failure rate? Stress no more! We’re here to provide you with access to our cutting-edge automated trading system that will effortlessly pass your prop firm challenge – no need to lift a finger!

With an outstanding 96% success rate, we have already supported more than 500 traders in obtaining a fully funded account, propelling them towards the path of financial freedom!



FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets 4



FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets 5



FundedEA APEX V1.1 MT4 with presets 6

Is your trading bot allowed by prop firms?

Yes, prop firms allow automated trading and the use of EAs (Expert Advisors)

How long does it take to pass the challenge?

It depends on the risk settings you apply to the trading bot. Once you purchase the EA you will get a sheet with the optimal risk parameters for every account size. Nonetheless, with our risk parameters every challenge can be passed within the required time.

Can I use your trading bot on funded accounts?

Definitely! You can use our EA on both Challenge and Funded accounts.

Does it use a prohibited strategy?

No, our EA does not use prohibited strategies by prop firms.

Does everyone have the same trades?

No, our EA uses the same strategy but different entries and exits for every user.

What account sizes can I use it on?

You can use our EA on ANY account size! There are no restrictions.

Why would you sell a profitable EA?

We’re a group of experienced traders that want to help the failing traders with an automated solution. While we make people happy with the FundedEA bot we also make extra revenue for ourselves. You get paid, we get paid. Everybody wins.




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Features Product details
Compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+ Platform: MetaTrader 4
ECN Support Language: English
Perfected For Multiple Pairs Time Frames: System works with every MT4 TF
Works With Any MT4 Trading Brokerage Trading Time: Any time | Recommended London and New York sessions
Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts Currency pairs: Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
No Trading Experience Required Purchase includes: Indicators | Templates
US Brokers | Non-US Brokers Trading Accounts: Unlimited
No Trading Account Limitations License: Unlimited
Popup Alerts Indicators (Unlimited)
No Minimum Leverage Required
* instant delivery (email inbox/account dashboard)


I want to repeat that the system is very effective. It will definitely help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are.

Fast delivery within 24 hours

I’m reseller of unlocking digital good’s

I’m not a trader

All indicator’s,FX strategies and EA’s are working and unlocked for use

Please note: I do not give refunds based on the performance of the product. There are many factors that can affect the performance and results of the product such as brokers, internet connection and the experience of the user. You are receiving a working product that has been tested and all sales are final.

no returns accepted for any reason

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